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Today’s institutional environments are more competitive than ever. The demand for entertainment and educational video, information, convenience, security and speed is at an all time high.


Prospective students routinely ask college and university administrators about academic computing capabilities and about the availability of consortium courses via video conferencing. Housing Directors and Residence Life must respond to students’ desires for cable television, data and telephone services.

Healthcare facilities are faced with never ending demands for voice, data and video communications. Cable television is one of the first services welcomed by patients.

Reliable communications systems for security and environmental controls are critical in a world requiring protection of property and containments of costs.

Institutional Network Communications (INC) is focused upon the growing voice, video and data needs of institutions. INC is a single source provider for a full range of networking services and the company prides itself on being service driven, of being the best in customer service.

“ A Powerful Connection to the Future”


Residence Halls with PCs in students' rooms provide convenience and enable access to library card files, course assignments from professors, pre-registration for courses and even make it possible to book travel reservations for the holidays. Digital Cable Television service provides both entertainment and educational video programming such as foreign language channels for the pluralistic, culturally rich campus environment.

Other possible uses:

  • Security surveillance and remote control of access points, fluid levels, temperature controls and other environmental control systems
  • LANs and WANs supporting faculty and administration functions with flexibility for easy moves and changes

All are possible based on INC design tailored to institutional requirements and resources.

A Campus Network can be structured to deliver user savings and convenience while still representing significant revenue. These are recognizable and desired services for which “customers” are willing to pay. Whether the tasks require expansion, retrofitting of existing facilities, or the installation of all new systems. Whether a coaxial cable, twisted pair or fiber optic backbone is desired, INC can deliver the ultimate combination of design, construction and ongoing systems support.


Revenue Creation + Cost Reduction = Service
through Innovation in the healthcare environment

Flexibility, modularity and connectivity are essential ingredients for any successful healthcare system. Using either fiber optic or broadband coax backbone systems, INC delivers in its video, data and voice communications services.

A private television system designed to deliver continuing education programming for professional and administrative staff members is an important healthcare asset. As is Tele-Video Conferencing which permits entire staffs to witness state-of-the-art surgeries or attend remote conferences.

The same system can be used to announce special events, schedules, new services and emergency messages, as well as to broadcast revenue generating advertisements. Entertainment programming, including premium channels offered on a pay-per-view basis is an expected amenity in patient rooms. And, of course, there is the additional security benefit offered by video surveillance capabilities.


LANs and WANs configured so as to permit instant connectivity of workstations are imperative. The fiber or coaxial broadband backbone concept of INC’s systems overcomes the restrictions of smaller, less flexible networks. No rewiring is required when departments expand or move.

INC is the ideal single source provider of communications networking systems for healthcare facilities in meeting the demands for tomorrow and today. INC's design, engineering, installation and ongoing management support mean that communication needs ranging from entertainment television to environmental controls will be met in a cost effective, optimal revenue producing manner.

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