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DirecTV was the first entertainment service in the U.S to deliver all digital quality, multi-channel TV programming to an 18-inch satellite dish. The launch of these services in 1994 provided people across the continental U.S. a much needed alternative to franchise cable. These providers pioneered technological breakthroughs, including a system with interactive on-screen program guide and pay per view ordering by remote control. Other advances in technology enable viewers to have greater control over their viewing experience with new television services, such as digital video recording (DVR), high definition TV (HDTV), expanded multicultural programming and interactive programming. The innovations and awards for digital broadcast satellite (DBS) technology that the two companies have accomplished have redefined the world of television entertainment.

  INC offers a complete digital basic and digital expanded cable service consisting of 90 to 110 channels. This programming doesn't require the need for an additional set top box, for which the franchised operator typically charges an extra fee. This lineup works with any cable ready television. Additional video needs include security, character generation and video origination.

Video origination is web-based and includes a dedicated character generated information channel that originates from the property leasing office. This service is distributed to all residents in the community via the cable system. Security origination includes a dedicated channel which produces a live video image on a dedicated channel over the cable system originating from the property’s gated entrance(s). This reveals would be guests to the resident prior to the resident allowing access into the property. These services are delivered to all residents over a state of the art cable plant that typically consists of coaxial cable and fiber optic cable. The fiber optic cable deployed enables bandwidth capability to accommodate the many future services that will become available.


For the first time, Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) customers have access to the DirecTV programming and services without the installation of a satellite dish per unit on the balcony or in other unsightly locations. INC provides the property with a design model that virtually eliminates the installation of small dedicated DBS antennas for individual units. We realize that this is one of the most undesirable issues that apartment and condominium communities face today as a result of the FCC ruling relating to OTARD (“Over The Air Reception Devices”). With the INC system design, we provide a “common antenna” as a central connecting point making DBS service(s) available to all residents. This service, which cannot be provided by the local franchise cable provider, enables the community to restrict the installation of individual antennas on balconies or ground mounted antennas.

With all of the exciting entertainment choices and features that the INC private cable system offers combined with the financial features and incentives available to developers and owners, INC is delivering the future of entertainment today.

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